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Get CNA Classes From Experts, Ensuring a High Standard of Teaching and Learning Opportunities

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CNA Nursing School in Illinois, Online

Nu Era Training Academy is an owner-operated CNA nursing school committed to offering training to graduate, competent, compassionate, and caring students who strive for excellence. We provide a high standard of teaching and learning opportunities to our students.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to ensure career growth for a medical student with proper training. We provide our students with the relevant knowledge and skills they need to meet their healthcare career goals. The vision of Nu Era Training Academy is to become the premier provider of private healthcare education and practice service for working adults that will be competent graduates who will become positive, productive members of society and the regional and national healthcare industry.

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What Distinguishes Us

We are an owner-operated CNA nursing school that focuses on training online CNA classes in Illinois. The best part about us is that we offer the best quality CNA training classes at the lowest prices possible.